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Apatite forms as crystals or masses. Its color range consists of yellow, white, olive green, deep blue, purple, brown, red/brown and colorless. The most common colors are yellow/green and blue.

Apatite stimulates the intellect and dissolves aloofness and negativity. It's helpful when working with healing, balancing energy, or teaching. Apatite promotes self-insight, clarity, peace and creativity. It can be used to increase or decrease the appetite, so it's very helpful when trying to gain or lose weight.

Apatite is a good stone to carry when Mercury is retrograde. Not only is it associated with the planet, but it also facilitates diplomacy and communication.

Apatite is associated with the element of Air, the planet Mercury, and the zodiac sign Gemini.

Apatite Tumbled and Polished
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Apatite Tumbled and Polished

Apatite is related to service and to the development of humanitarian pursuits. It enhances creativity and awakens the finer inner self. Wearing or carrying Apatite has also been said to suppress hunger.

Green Apatite Wire Wrap Pendant
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Green Apatite Wire Wrap Pendant

For Relaxation, clarity, manifestation.
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