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Molybdenite Quartz Points
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Molybdenite Quartz Points

These very rare clear quartz points contain molybdenum.

Molybdenite Quartz seems to be a stone of harmonization on many levels. It effects one's mood, bringing a sense of stability and 'grounding out' excessive hilarity or excitement. It also moderates feelings of depression, fear and anxiety, reminding one that trust is the way to freedom and that love is its own reward.

It seems to unify and balance the entire chakra column, producing a feeling of calm well-being. Utilize these crystals for stimulating and balancing weak chakras, and for clearing etheric remnants of psychological or physical wounds.

As laser wands, these crystals can transmit the beneficial properties of Molybdenum in repairing the auric field and/or performing 'psychic surgery.'

Molybdenite Quartz is beneficial to one's strength, vitality and endurance. These feel like one of the stones which carry the blueprint of optimal function for the body, and seem to resonate directly with the 'body consciousness.' I recommend it for maintenance of overall health and helping the body maintain its natural balance, and feel that people undergoing various sorts of detoxification may benefit from the presence of these stones.

It engenders loyalty, persistence, courage, resolve and strength of will, and helps one hang onto hope in the midst of difficulty. It aids in staying grounded and centered during the heights of success, and is an emblem of the Tao, the flowing water of life, that modestly persists until all barriers are overcome.

Small pieces (1 1/4" - 2") $9.99.

Large pieces (2" - 3") $17.99

Thanks to Robert Simmons from Heaven & Earth for the above information.

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