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Amber Pieces
Agni Gold Wire Wrap Pendant
Amethyst Wire Wrap Pendant
Amber Wire Wrapped Pendant
#HEBST. THE BOOK OF STONES Who They Are & What They Teach
Amethyst Tumbled and Polished
Dumortierite Wire Wrap Pendant
Golden Selenite Wire Wrap Pendant
Apatite Tumbled and Polished
Amethyst Futhark Runes
Laser Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Golden Selenite Wire Wrap Pendant
Green Apatite Wire Wrap Pendant
Angelite Tumbled and Polished
Small Natrolite Wire Wrap Pendant
Nirvana Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Laser Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Sataloka Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Angel Aura Quartz Pendant
Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendant
Lithium Quartz Pendant
Sichuan Quartz Pendant
Aqua Aura Quartz Pendant
Faden Quartz Pendant
Herkimer Diamonds Quartz Pendant
Clear Quartz Tumbled Rocks
Clear Quartz Sphere
Star Rose Quartz Sphere
Shattuckite Silica Wire Wrap Pendant
Strontianite Wire Wrap Pendant
Tugtupite Wire Wrap Pendant
Ussingite Wire Wrap Pendant
Aragonite Pendant
Azeztulite Heart Wire Wrap Pendant
Amazonite Pendant
Tanzan Aura Quartz Pendant
Clear Quartz Futhark Runes
Vera Cruz Amethyst Pendant
Andean Blue Opal Pendant
Andean Pink Opal Pendant
Celestite Pendant
Healer's Gold Pendant
Eudialyte Pendant
Danburite Pendant
Gaia Stone Pendant
Gaia Stone Goddess Pendant
#G098. Gaia Stone Earrings
Aragonite- Tumbled and Polished
Heliodor Pendant
Lodestone Pendant
Morganite Pendant
Nuummite Pendant
Prehnite Pendant
Pink Lazurine Pendant
Prasiolite Pendant (Green Amethyst)
Ocean Jasper Pendant
Royal Purple Stichtite Pendant
Tibetan Black Quartz Pendant
Tibetan Tektite Pendant
Zincite Pendant
Amegreen Pendant
Azeztulite Pendant
Aquamarine Pendant
Turquoise Pendant
Specular Hematite Pendant
Hematite- Tumbled and Polished
Hematite Futhark Stone Runes
Black Jade Pendant
Purple Jade Pendant
Shadow Lemurian Jade Pendant
Green Garnet Pendant
Garnet- Tumbled and Polished
Moldavite Pieces
Moldavite Pendant
Moldavite 3 Stone Pendant
Snowflake Obsidian Runeset
Rose Quartz Stone Futhark Runes Set
Aventurine Futhark Runes
Malachite Futhark Runes
Sodalite Futhark Runes
Lapis Lazuli Futhark Runes
Blue Tigers Eye Runes set
Yellow Tigers Eye Runes Set
Kambaba Jasper- Tumbled
Yellow Obsidian Tumbled and Polished
Red Obsidian Tumbled and Polished
Bronzite Tumbled and Polished
Ametrine Tumbled and Polished
Apache Tear
Apophyllite Point
Blue Calcite Sphere
Aventurine Tumbled and Polished
Black Tourmaline Tumbled and Polished
Bloodstone Tumbled and Polished
Carnelian Tumbled and Polished
Charoite, small
Citrine, enhanced
Lepidolite Tumbled and Polished
Emerald Tumbled & Polished
Malachite Tumbled and Polished
Moonstone Tumbled and Polished
Pietersite Tumbled and Polished
Red Jasper Tumbled and Polished
Rhodocrosite Tumbled and Polished
Rose Quartz Tumbled and Polished
Smokey Quartz Tumbled and Polished
Tiger Eye Tumbled & Polished
Tiger Eye- Blue Tumbled and Polished
Tiger Eye Red Tumbled and Polished
Small Goldstone Sphere
Carnelian Sphere
Prehnite Sphere
Cobra Jasper Sphere
Chatoyant Jade Sphere
Clear Quartz Sphere
Blue Aragonite- Tumbled and Polished
Hiddenite -small pieces
Amethyst Cabochon
Arfvedsonite- Tumbled and Polished
Mahogany Obsidian- Tumbled and Polished
Epidote in Prehnite
Amber Sphere
Amber Egg
Enhydros Quartz Points
Quartz Crystal Penis
Quartz Crystals with Special Properties
Prehnite- Tumbled and Polished
Lapis- Tumbled and Polished
Lunar Quartz- Tumbled and Polished
Sardonyx- Tumbled and Polished
Specular Hematite Stone Futhark Rune Set
Neon Blue Fluorite
Molybdenite Quartz Points
Chinese Obsidian Futhark Rune Set
Mangano Calcite Tumbled and Polished
Azurite Wire Wrap Pendant
Cacoxinite Wire Wrap Pendant
Chariote Wire Wrap Pendant
Chrysoprase Wire Wrap Pendant
Citrine Wire Wrap Pendant
Golden Labradorite Wire Wrap Pendant
Jet Wire Wrap Pendant
Labradorite Wire Wrap Pendant
Lapis Wire Wrap Pendant
Pietersite Wire Wrap Pendant
Rainbow Moonstone Wire Wrap Pendant
Rhodocrosite Wire Wrap Pendant
Rose Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Seraphinite Wire Wrap Pendant (small)
Rhodonite Wire Wrap Pendant
Siberian Blue Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Sunstone Wire Wrap Pendant
Titanium Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Tourmaline Wire Wrap Pendant
Ametrine Wire Wrap Pendant
Angelite Wire Wrap Pendant
Bloodstone Wire Wrap Pendant
Chrysocolla Wire Wrap Pendant
Emerald Wire Wrap Pendant
Hematite Wire Wrap Pendant
Lepidolite Wire Wrap Pendant
Rutilated Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Tanzanite Wire Wrap Pendant (small)
Imperial Gold Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Blue Lace Agate Wire Wrap Pendant
Black Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Pendant
Blue Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Carnelian Wire Wrap Pendant
Fluorite Wire Wrap Pendant
Green Jade Wire Wrap Pendant
Green Calcite Wire Wrap Pendant
Honey Calcite Wire Wrap Pendant
Blue Kyanite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Malachite Wire Wrap Pendant
Merkabite Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Petrified Wood Wire Wrap Pendant
Pink Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Red Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Orange Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Smokey Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Tiger's Eye Wire Wrap Pendant
Australian Kunzite Wire Wrap Pendant
Blizzard Stone Wire Wrap Pendant
Dragon's Blood Jasper Wire Wrap Pendant
Fiero Calcite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Ruby Zoisite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Serpentine Stichtite Wire Wrap Pendant
Natrolite Wire Wrap Pendant (small)
Ruby Fuschite Wire Wrapped Pendant
Shattuckite Silica Wire Wrap Pendant
Red Aventurine Wire Wrapped Pendant
Petalite Wire Wrap Pendant
Rainforest Jasper Wire Wrapped Pendant
Shiva Lingham Wire Wrap Pendant
Selenite Wire Wrap Pendant
Sodalite Wire Wrap Pendant
Andalusite Wire Wrap Pendant
Tourmaline Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant
Copper Wire Wrap Pendant
Gem Silica Wire Wrap Pendant
Larvikite Wire Wrap Pendant
Azurite-Malachite SoapRock
Black Opal SoapRock
Chrysocolla SoapRock
Granite Bead Futhark Runes (L.E.)
Chrysoprase Futhark Runes
Citrine Futhark Runes
Carnelian Futhark Runes
Goldstone Futhark Runes
Dalmatian Jasper Futhark Runes
Large Lapis Lazuli Futhark Runes
Mugglestone Futhark Rune Set
Onyx Futhark Runes
Citrine SoapRock
Red Tiger's Eye Futhark Runes
Travel Size Elder Futhark Runes
Amethyst Geode Soaprock
Aqua Geode SoapRock
Amethyst SoapRock
Gaspeite Pieces
Amber Citrine SoapRock
Aquamarine SoapRock
Aragonite Futhark Runes
Brecciated Jasper Futhark Runes
Canadian Jade Futhark Runes
Emerald Futhark Runes
Howlite Futhark Runes
Mixed Tiger's Eye Futhark Runes
Black Onyx SoapRock
Blue Agate SoapRock
Diamond SoapRock
Emerald SoapRock
Fire Geode SoapRock
Fire Opal SoapRock
Garnet SoapRock
Gaspeite SoapRock
Gold in Quartz SoapRock
Tsavorite Green Garnet SoapRock
Imperial Topaz SoapRock
Jade SoapRock
Jasper SoapRock
Lapis Lazuli SoapRock
Lavender Jade SoapRock
Malachite SoapRock
Marble SoapRock
Moonstone SoapRock
Olivine Soap Rock
Opal SoapRock
Peridot SoapRock
Platinum, Gold & Copper SoapRock
Rhodochrosite SoapRock
Rose Amethyst SoapRock
Rose Quartz SoapRock
Ruby SoapRock
Sapphire SoapRock
Septarian Geode SoapRock
Smokey Quartz SoapRock
Soapal SoapRock
Star Ruby SoapRock
Star Sapphire SoapRock
Tiger's Eye SoapRock
Turquoise SoapRock
Watermelon Tourmaline SoapRock
White Opal SoapRock
Turquoise Beads
Red Jasper Futhark Runes
Tanzanite SoapRock
Charoite, large
Citrine, natural
Herkimer Diamond

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